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Evangel Kids @ Home

Faith formation won't end because we can't gather. Join us here for the tools to hold church @ home.

Evangel Kids @ Home

We are going to be releasing a new Evangel Kids video each Sunday on our Facebook page,

That video will include our memory verse, lesson, prayer, and some questions to talk through as a family. Plan to sit down with us after you watch the live stream of our service. ;)

We will also send the video out via email if you are not with us on Facebook.

Boredom Busters

We know that kids are smart... really smart... and they are picking up on the anxiety that this whole situation is throwing out. This is a crucial time for us to set the tone in our homes! To help you, we will be releasing a boredom buster every day on our Instagram feed, Evangel_Kids.

We will also be sharing the free resources being produced by so many incredible companies to utilize in your homes for learning and fun.

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