Get Involved

We are better together when it comes to the mission of the Gospel.

Discovering Your Gifts

We would love to be a part of your journey of discovering your gifts and strengths. The body of Christ (a metaphor for the Church) is made up of many members (gifts). Isn't that great? You are a gift to our church and have a part to play in seeing the mission accomplished in Powell River and beyond.

See the links below as a starting point to discovering your gifts and your strengths.

*No test is perfect and we recommend sharing the results with those who know you well to gain input into your discovery process

Getting Involved

Imagine a movement of people, all serving in their areas of strength and passion, all moving together with a singular vision that is worth spending their lives on. We believe the mission of the Gospel is that vision and the church (you and I) are that movement. We are better, faster, stronger and more effective as a diverse community of people with a singular vision. Will you partner with us in that mission?

Your next step, if you choose to partner with us, is to fill out the form below. Click on areas of interest based on your gifts assessments and feedback from close friends and family. We look forward to walking with you in the next steps of your journey of faith and a partnership in seeing the mission accomplished in Powell River and beyond.