Global Partners

We have great partnerships with Global Workers, both in Canada and around the world.

Scott & Melissa Williams - El Salvador

Scott and Melissa Williams are involved with children/youth evangelism and discipleship to fulfill their vision of reaching a child so they can change the nations. They co-lead a ministry called Kings Castle designed to disciple and teach children and youth of Central America and are actively engaged in discipleship, teaching, and leadership development. They also host, train, and lead short term missions teams who come to El Salvador. 

Dan & Mardell MacTavish - Romania, Eurasia

Dan and Mardell MacTavish are associate consulting pastors of the Bucharest International Church. This multi-cultural church community offers a relevant dynamic for Romania’s current generation and provides a setting for evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development both locally and nationally. Dan and Mardell bring awareness to the very real problem of human trafficking in Romania, bringing encouragement to Iana Matei of Reaching Out in her efforts to bring an end to human trafficking, to provide shelter and restoration to the young victims, and to create financial sustainability. In Spain, Dan and Mardell come alongside the pastors and national leaders of the Salem group of churches in the development of their ministries.

Tim Schindel - Leading Influence

Tim Schindel is the president and founder of Leading Influence. Leading Influence is a non-partisan ministry focused on serving elected leaders across Canada regardless of their political ideology. 


We sensitively and respectfully serve and encourage elected leaders through the provision of chaplaincy ministry. We seek to authentically demonstrate the love, grace, and friendship of Jesus to those who serve our country in an often stressful and challenging environment. 

We currently provide services in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Our goal is to establish a ministry presence in every provincial and territorial capital in Canada as well as in Ottawa.

R.A.N. Worker - Restricted Access Nations

R.A.N. Workers, those working in Restricted Access Nations, need to be supported and loved on by the local church with animinity for the sake of their safety. They operate in countries and regions where being a Christian could potentially cost them their lives. Evangel is excited to partner with those who are bringing the love of Jesus to all corners of the earth.