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Making Room Campaign

Generosity Makes Room In Our Hearts For Others

What Is The Making Room Campaign?

The best kind of problems are growth problems. We are "making room" for growth and have identified a few places of need as we head on mission into the future.

Making Room Projects:

  1. Expansion of our parking lot.
  2. Renovation of our lobby.
  3. Setting up our Kids' Check-in center as we create safe spaces for the kids and families of Powell River.
  4. Church Signage to help our guests navigate their way in our building.

A Note To Those Calling Evangel Home

We ask that if you call Evangel your home church you consider some principles around giving. This project is what we would consider to be an offering to God in the expansion of His Kingdom. We ask that you continue to give your tithe (first fruits) as a part of your normal giving and support to the general ministries and functions of the church. This project is an offering that goes above and beyond the tithe (first fruits to God). Consider in times of prayer what God is asking of you, count the cost of it and give with a cheerful heart. We don't want to compel anyone to give and believe giving should not be "I have to" but rather "I get to".

How To Give

There are a number of ways you can give to this project.

Giving cash or cheque

  • Please put cash or cheque in a filled out donation envelope and mark, "Making Room" on it.

Giving Debit Machine

  • We have a debit machine located in our lobby. Fill out the envelope located at our giving station and mark "Making Room" campaign on it.

Giving Online

  • This is the easiest way for you to give today. On the right side of every page is a giving trigger (see graphic below). Select "Making Room Campaign" as the fund you want to give to.

Thank you so much in advance for your giving and our prayer is that your generosity will make room in your heart for others.