An opportunity to be a part of the organizational processes of Evangel Church.

What Membership Is Not

Let's begin with what membership is not. Membership is not a biblically mandated form of organization for the church of Jesus. We don't pretend that it's a part of your discipleship journey. You are a part of the body of Christ the moment you come to faith in Jesus.

However, we also believe that the scriptures are strangely quiet in terms of the organizational structures of the local church, and have left flexibility for local churches across time, culture, and circumstance to develop their own structures.

Why Membership

At Evangel Church we say Church Membership is a mutual submission to one another in community with likemindedness around vision, mission, values, and theology. To be a member with Evangel Church is to be united around these key areas of church life.

Evangel Church is also a recognized society with BC Societies and a registered charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency.

We believe it is wise for the local church in Canada to operate with a local Church constitution and by-laws. As a society we maintain a membership roster that partners in a process, together with leadership, in some of the decision making of Evangel Church.

Membership is also a prerequisite to being nominated as a board member at Evangel.

Membership means responsibility. One such responsibility is being present at our Annual General Meeting that is held every Spring. It's here that board members are voted in, reports are distributed, and financial reports are presented.

Interested In Membership at Evangel?

We have a Membership Class and application process.

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