All Gatherings Have Been Suspended Due to the current health directive, we are suspending our in-person gatherings.

Evangel Men

Shoulder To Shoulder With A Mission Out Front

What Is Evangel Men?

Evangel Men serves to be a safe place where men can step away from pretence and be real; where masks come off and men are authentic with one another, growing in life, family, and faith. However, we don't believe that just sitting in circles talking will get us there. That's why Evangel Men will be "a community of men who walk shoulder to shoulder with a mission out front."

Our vision sees a community of men who will grow in relationship while making a difference in our community through various projects that use our different gifts and skills in practical ways. We want to create community where we go shoulder to shoulder into adventure, making lasting memories and driving the foundations of relationship deep as a result.

We are a community that recognizes the presence of God in everything that we do and will be a safe place to explore new faith or deepen a maturing faith. We are a community that believes men of all generations should exist together in community so mentorship and growth can happen.

We welcome you to be a part of this safe place of community where you can take risks, grow, and be who God has created you to be.

Leadership Team

Leader: Tim Ogden

Lead Team: John Boutillier & Kevin Johnson

Events: Coming soon