Our Team

Say hello to the team at Evangel Church!

Meet Our Leadership

We exist to serve and equip the Church to operate in their gifts, doing the work of the ministry in our community of Powell River and beyond.

Lucas Mitchell - Co-Lead Pastor

Lucas Mitchell has been serving Evangel Church and Powell River since 2016. He preaches the Word with conviction and is intentional about unpacking how the Bible is applicable to everyday life. He Co-Leads Evangel Church alongside his wife Lisa Mitchell and their two kids.

"We are all active participants in the preaching of God's Word" - Pastor Lucas

Lisa Mitchell - Co-Lead Pastor

Lisa Mitchell has been serving Evangel Church and Powell River 2016. She has a heart to organize the body around the mission of the Gospel of Christ. Not only does she create safe places of community but is herself a safe place of pastoral care and love. She Co-Leads Evangel Church alongside Lucas Mitchell and they live in Powell River with their two kids.

"May my words fade away and the Words of truth take root in our hearts and our lives" - Pastor Lisa

Markus DenBraber - Support Pastor

We are excited to announce the addition of Markus DenBraber to our Pastoral Team. Markus is coming alongside the mission of Evangel Church as our Support Pastor. Among other things he will be giving pastoral care and leadership to our Evangel Youth ministry.

Pastor Markus DenBraber